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For major pistachio orders, please contact us for details on pistachio purchase orders

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About kafi Pistachio Trading

Unit Wholesale Pistachios

Our prices are fairest …

In this section, our customers can order the product after viewing the products in the major pistachio sales unit.

Possibility to send a sample of the product to a minimum of 200 grams for customers, paying this price.

Once registered, the pistachio sample is sent to you as soon as possible. After the sample is confirmed, the original load will be sent to you.

Possibility of delivery of goods in the city of Kerman for buyers without cost and delivery to other cities, the cost of sending is the responsibility of the customer.

Pistachio retail unit

What features does this section have?

If you want to buy pistachios at a very fair price, you can enter this section and, depending on your needs, make the product you want.

It is worth mentioning that the pistachio you want from one kilogram to 100 kilograms can easily be ordered from this section, and the cost of sending this section is the responsibility of the customer.

For orders above 5 kg there is a really economic justification for the buyer. Orders for less than 100kg of pistachio sales units are sufficiently commercially available. These orders can be sent through Iran using postal and terminal systems.